Chris is native to the Pacific NorthWest, born and raised in what Northwesterners call "God's country".  With a long-unused art background, she discovered the "hobby" in October of 1992. "I am still surprised and delighted at the welcome I received."

The first resin Chris offered was WBP Canterberry Blu in 1993. This standing ASB caused quite a stir within the hobby as this new "star" entered the sculpting market.  Since 1992, Chris has released a total of thirty-one resins as of late 2004.

Unfortunately, travel for Chris is nearly impossible, largely because of all her 'critters', but Chris loves to meet other hobby people.  

"I have not found a particular breed or type I prefer, as I am fascinated by them all. We live in a horse-rich area where nearly any breed can be located for research and hands-on. I try to represent each as the people who own and love them would like to see them. I strive to achieve, to the best of my ability, a realistic, breed specific, correct representation of each horse. While my personal preference tends to halter horses and personality pieces, I try to create a mix of sizes (I love SMs and LBs) and halter, performance and characters.

"I still use epoxy to sculpt and keep the original of each resin. I paint with brushes exclusively. OK, fingers do get in the paint now and then. I paint in acrylics in 100% natural light. I have a skylight above and windows to the side. Most times, this is great but cloudy days are Washington... get USED to it!! Ha!

"Some colors will change under artificial light, however. We plan to build my studio this year. It will have the skylight and windows, but will also have both fluorescent and incandescent light to help complete the spectrum.

"I am currently experimenting with new color formulas and techniques, so new work may look slightly different than what may be expected.

"When asked to judge live shows, I particularly enjoy beginners' CM. The creativity and excitement remain and what may be missing technically is more than made up in enthusiasm. These people love to get suggestions on things to work on and look forward to. I love to see the new talent as it appears, regardless of age.

"My family is grown and gone, but Mike and I share five acres near Mt. Rainier with one saddle horse and four tiny miniature horses, ten cats, one shepherd/golden cross dog, seven koi and over 100 Fancy Goldfish.  I started showing my Goldfish in 2001, and in July 2004, a fish I raised from a baby won a Grand Champ at the Koi and GF show held in Portland, OR!  None of the horses, cats, dogs or fish are "normal". They say animals share their owners' personalities!"

Chris Jolly