sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig

painted by Chris Jolly


Sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig, one of the hobby's most highly esteemed resin artists, Tango was available to order exclusively to Sarah's mailing list during July and August 2004. 206 models were sold at the original price of $215.00. With his excellent Spanish conformation and spirited movement, this versatile model can show as a Mustang, Furioso, Barb, Corralero, Hispano Arab, Maremmana, Tersky, Alter-Real, Salerno, Mangalarga, or an assortment of mixed or grade breeds.

"I simply wanted to try something new," Chris says of her latest work. "So I went to Dr. Sponenberg's book "Horse Color" for inspiration. I had painted a Lilac Roan once previously, but the one in Dr. Sponenberg's book was quite different, and it intrigued me. I was fascinated by the variety of colors in his coat and how they patterned themselves in so many different ways on this one single horse. So I set out to paint my Tango in this spirit.

"After many hours carefully layering different colors into his hair texture, paying special attention to the minutia, and finally employing finishing techniques to gently diffuse some of the coloring, I am very pleased with the results. As the lighting changes, the tones of the horse's color also change. Many different hues may be seen, especially along the back. The resulting impression is warm and rich, yet with the overall subtlety prized in a true lilac."

Chris Jolly fans will be pleased to know that her quest for exceptional color portrayal has added yet another layer of enhancement to her already signature attention to detail. From the softly streaked and shaded hooves, to the life-like nostrils and soulful eyes, this piece exemplifies the exquisite detail work that Chris has become famous for. Acquire this lilac roan Tango and you acquire an outstanding example of Chris Jolly's exceptional artistry.



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Tango is a stallion just slightly larger than Little Bit scale, measuring 5.34 tall.  Unfortunately this Tango suffered a couple minor rubs on his ear and forelock tips in transit for his photo shoot, but these have now been expertly repaired by Chris Jolly and he is pristine condition.