These are the Master carvings from which the 14k gold and sterling pendants will be cast. The telescope is available in metals now.  His dorsal fin and hanging bail were broken off making the mold, but the rest is intact.  I cannot quote pricing on the Ranchu, Ryukin or Oranda until they have been cast in wax. I estimate they should be similar, if not the same as the Telescopes.

14K pendant $300.00
Sterling pendant $90.00

Options: Diamond or sapphire eyes Telescope (2) +$75.00, Others (1) +$40
Enhancer bail (for pearls and beads) +$25.00
Pin back need to determine 14k and SS

I will post photos of the gold and silver as soon as I can get CLEAR photos.

Limited Edition, hand made, Sterling Silver Oranda Pendant. I have hand "enameled" this one... he is so pretty!
Pricing remains at last year's $90 even with detailing and skyrocketing Metals pricing. I guarantee the color on this piece.
One only.

Two silver gold fish pendants with enamel. These are the last on hand. All future will be Special Order only at market metal pricing. These are Old pricing.
$90 plus S/H

Goldfish with Jasper
Artist's personal necklace, can be worn 3 ways: Single fish, two fish, or as shown.

White Gold with Sapphires
Custom Order - SOLD