LittleBit Scale

Picture2 893-33.jpg (310939 bytes) WBP O'Doulle
Little Bit Scale Young Clydesdale Stallion

O'Doulle is a stallion in LittleBit scale, measuring 4 7/8" H by 5" L

WBP Ken-Worth
Little Bit Percheron Stallion

Don't forget....  The French registry allows for the occasional bay, chestnut and roan, and a large number of the Spotted Drafters are a Percheron cross.

Ken-Worth is also to be produced in Bone China, by Alchemy.

WBP Agatha Rose
Little Bit Scale Suffolk Punch Mare

An obscure draft breed, a Suffolk Punch mare, Agatha Rose is rare indeed!! She stands 4 1/2" tall to the tip of her ears and 6 1/4" long, to the end of her braided tail. She has roses entwined in the mane and tail decor, hence her name.

WBP Petite LP
Little Bit Scale Quarter Horse Mare
LE of 50
WBP La Reina B
LittleBit Scale Cutting Horse Mare
LE of 50

33 painted by Chris Jolly
17 sold unpainted