WBP Rahan Omn'i


a new sculpture

by Chris Jolly


Now Available -
Unpainted $140
Painted $295-$325 depending on color
$12 S/H US, $15 Int'l



From the well-known sculptor and painter, Chris Jolly, comes a dynamic new Arabian resin, WBP Rahan Omn'i.  This boy is absolutely full of himself, and lets his attitude show.

Chris plans to paint and sell two Artist Choice copies of Rahan before opening the edition for sale, and she's off to a brilliant start with this handsome bay - the very first in the edition.  You won't see any other Rahans around for a while!



Artist Proof #1

"'Rahan' is an 'inspired' piece," Chris writes. "This past Mother's Day weekend, I picked a copy of my 'WBP Kalliel' off the shelf, intending to do a few minor changes, paint and sell him. Well, that clearly did not happen! 'Rahan' emerged from the dust with a life of his own! His 'attitude' was there even from the very roughest stage. His sweeping tail was taken from a photo of a beautiful Arab in Native Costume, altered to give more strength in the resin, by some attachment to the hip.


Details upon details

"Painted in acrylics, the glowing Bay was created with layer upon layer of color. The dapples and saddle color have been applied with an additional three to five layers of color. Since these photos were taken, I was compelled to add the slightest blush of pink to the snip... very soft.

"Although he has some 'attitude' he still has a very kind, intelligent face. The sweeping tail adds to his 'Look at ME!' presence."

This resin is the first to be released in a run of "WBP Rahan Onm'i" and has been permanently identified as Artist Proof #1. He is small Classic size, about 6 1/2" tall and 7" long.



More About the Artist

Chris Jolly of Jahlee Designs is well-known for her many resin sculptures.  Her recent foal WBP Baby Doctor Bill has been taking the show ring by storm, and her newest release is WBP Maximum Velocity.

Her website address is: http://www.jahleedesigns.com

Visit her newsgroup at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JahleeDesigns

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