WBP Campbell's Condensed, aka Soupy

Inspired by Billie Campbell, who saw my older resin (done in 2000) "Kismet" as a Miniature horse. She asked me to re-release "Kismet", which I did, but wondered if I might do an "updated" version.  Here is the result and his name is to honor Billie's idea. I call him "Soupy" for short.  I had five people keeping me on track with this sculpt. All but one are Miniature owners, showers or breeders.

"Soupy" is classic scale, but as a Mini stallion, would be more a small traditional. He is slightly over 5" tall and about 7" long.
In classic show pose he is set for your show ring.

I will, of course, contract to paint to order and I always give a 'package' price if you purchase my resin and have me paint for you.  One of the most fun things about minis, is they can be ANY COLOR!! So lots of possibilities!!

Run size: At least one mold, which normally produces 50. I may do a second mold.

Price $145.00 unpainted
Shipping $12.00 USPS, Insured USA International slightly higher