StableMate size: $15
Curio size: $18
LittleBit size: $20
Classic size: $25
Traditional size: $35 - $40

Prep pricing can go up for unusually rough pieces, or if they are broken. I do not charge prep on resins purchased from me when I paint those.

Painting:  (base prices)

StableMate size: $140 - $175
Curio size: $175 - $215
LittleBit size: $210 - $245
Classic size: $250 - $300
Traditional size: $425+

Painting prices increase based on the time required. So larger pieces, or more complicated colors are more. If you combine say, roan, or dappled color with appaloosa, or pinto markings, I will charge more as those base colors cost more than solids. And I charge for patterned coats, so that will bring another increase. However, my increases tend to be $10 to $25 at most.  I will adjust base pricing as needed, up, or down, in consideration of larger or smaller pieces within each scale. Or, for simpler, or more complicated colors.  Unfortunately, I will no longer, for any reason, accept a painting order to be done as a "Portrait". I will paint horses "similar" to... but no "my horse" again.  To MATCH PHOTOS �I want it JUST like this�, so I have to constantly refer to pictures, a surcharge will be charged as follows. This does NOT apply for general �drift� reference photos which give me a direction to head. Color is so subjective.

StableMate size: $30
Curio/LittleBit size: $50
Classic size: $65
Traditional size: $90

Payments: I accept money orders and Paypal through Mike Jolly at  (Sadly, no personal checks.)  I do not require half in advance, but payment is due when I notify you your order is ready to paint...not when it has been completed.  When customer is notified that the balance is due on a work that is ready, they have two weeks to complete the balance or make special arrangements.  If this is not done, the piece will be offered for resale.  In some cases, a portion of any deposit MAY be returned, at my discretion.  I do not paint a piece until fully paid for, due to past instances of non-payment.  I am truly sorry to have to establish these policies.

Credit Card Time Payments:  I am instituting a paperwork charge for additional work involved.  Time Payment on cards will be charged $1.00 for each additional charge beyond the first payment.  So, if you make three 'payments', you will pay $2.00 more than the 'cash' price.

Shipping:  I must request that NO shipments be made to my physical address using ANY FED EX GROUND Delivery services.  I will not be held responsible for products delivered that way.  The GROUND service drivers consistently leave packages at the main gate, 500' from our home, where they can remain overnight and at HIGH risk for THEFT or DAMAGE.  If you MUST use Federal Express, use ONLY EXPRESS SERVICE!!  They WILL deliver, safely to my door.  I can no longer afford the hours on the phone fighting with Ground terminals over fouled-up deliveries. 

VARA:  I will allow minor changes to my work - i.e. ear turn, mane and tail, nostrils.  NO major repositioning or re-muscling please.  NO changes to paint work, including markings. If this needs to be done, I would rather do the work myself.

Disclaimer:  While I am as careful as possible with resins, I can not be held responsible for loss or damage of any resin in my care due to fire or natural disaster.  (Flood, earthquake, wind....)

It is the client's responsibility to keep Chris Jolly informed of any changes to email, phone, mailing address, or other contact information. She will do her best to contact the client, but as of Oct. 2014, any horses, funds and other items left with her, regardless of payment status, with no communication to her for six months or more, will be considered abandoned and forfeit.



In the event my books are closed, these are a few artists I can suggest for you to look into.  I will be adding to the list shortly.


Gina Hall: