Traditional Scale

WBP Capt. Jack Sparrow
Traditional Scale American Miniature Horse Stallion

This little 'Pirate' is out to steal your heart...and any edibles you may possess!! Pawing the ground, anxiously waiting to pillage and plunder, do not let his diminutive stature fool you.....he is Born to be BAD! ...Just ask him!

Traditional Scale Mare, a Companion for The Ugly Horse and Yukky 2000!

Yummi started out as the Proud Arab Mare, but time has taken its toll on her, as it does us all.

WBP Loco Motion
Small Traditional Scale Grade Stock Horse Gelding
LE of 71

WBP Loco Motion was inspired by a horse in a team penning photo.  Tack that fits the Breyer Sham should fit this resin with minor adjustments.

WBP Canterberry Blu
Traditional Scale ASB Stallion
LE of 44, 14 painted by Chris
WBP Howard Huge
Traditional Scale Miniature Horse
LE of 50

28 painted by Chris Jolly
approx. 5 customized
20 sold unpainted


WBP El Crapola aka Ugly Horse
Traditional Scale Stallion
LE of less than 50

The run on this resin was halted prematurely, around 30 copies, when DaBar Enterprises stopped producing model horse resins.


WBP Reboc Doc
Traditional Scale Quarter Horse Gelding
LE of 50

35 painted by Chris Jolly
17 sold unpainted


WBP Sultan's Once in a Blue Moon, aka Luna
Traditional Scale ASB Mare
LE of 50

Two versions were made, 25 copies of the first, with shorter head. Version 2 was set to be 100, but not that many sold.


WBP Freya
Traditional Scale Very Pregnant Miniature Horse Mare

B. Vitcovich cast, run never finished.


Yukky 2000
Traditional Grade Stallion

CM of Ugly Horse, approximately 70, released through Resins by Randy.


WBP Cache Advance
Traditional Scale Warmblood Gelding
LE of 50